MATCHA + MORINGA BALM - Skin Repair Balm


Handmade for Sensitive Skin
— Benefits Dry/Combo Skin Types
— 100% Plant Based
— 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
— Paraben Free
— Sulfate Free
— Coconut Oil Free
— Polyethylene Free
— Talc Free
— Fragrance Free
Poured, Blended & Labeled by Hand

Introducing a NEW limited edition item!


A must have in our own medicine bag & beauty routine. Introducing yet again, a NEW limited edition item! A spin off of last season's Matcha & Maca Balm, but this time we're shifting to a new healing plant ally - Moringa [ Moringa oleifera ] a tree which grows slenderly in our home in Hawai'i near the beloved Southern beaches.


I am so excited to treat you all with this NEW beauty balm, crafted for fine lines, aged skin, dull skin, inflammatory breakouts & gently helps soothes inflamed skin.



Handcrafted for sensitive folks, such as ourselves as this contains NO essential oils. Just pure certified organic matcha (green tea) & locally harvested Moringa leaves along with oils of pumpkin seed, tamanu, hemp seed & kokum butter bringing us highly moisturizing, nourishing nutrients helping to restore elasticity by reducing degeneration in the skin cells.



Matcha, the highest form of pure concentration of the Green Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is infused into this heavenly balm and is designed to calm down redness, gently brighten the skin, soothe inflammation, free-radical skin damage, and is a vitamin POWERHOUSE for the skin! Moringa leaves are packed with protein, incredibly nutrient-dense, High in vitamin C & A, and an excellent skin purifier with antimicrobial & antiinflammatory properties.

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