TRIPHALA AID Tincture - Digestive Aid + Detox Tincture


Raw Potent (yet Gentle) Edible Herbal Medicine 

— Vegan & Cruelty-Free

— Certified Organic Sugarcane Vodka

— Artificial Preservative Free

— Gluten Free | Grain Free

— Sweetener Free

— Traditional Whole Plant Tincture Formula

— Slow infusion

— Intentionally Made One at a Time

Available Sizes

The Triphala Digest Aid Tincture is a cherished Ayurvedic blend of certified organic berries called "Triphala", which helps the body detox and revitalize itself after a heavy meal and sluggish digestive system.


✦ Carefully designed as nature intended to help boost our digestive fire ('Agni' ( अग्नि ) in Sanskrit), promote gentle detoxification / movement / release stagnant flow within the liver, spleen & kidney. 




Traditional Method | Potent + Gentle | With Dried Plants | Glycerin-free | Gluten-free




"Agni", the digestive fire, is the inner creative fire that burns and transforms food, emotions, our thoughts and of course, daily toxins.

When the digestive fire is strong in our system, elimination of toxins is enhanced due to the herbs latching onto gunk stuck in the intestinal lining, helping the detoxification process that the body normally goes through daily.



This 'Tridoshic blend' (meaning: a blend of all three Ayurvedic Dosha types (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is designed to help bring our body into a state of alignment through balancing our digestive system, if one's digestion is too fast, this will slow thing down. If your digestive system is too sluggish, this will help speed things up. Your body literally takes care of the rest the moment we begin feeding it exactly what it needs instead of what tastes good in the moment! 


This powerful blend is utilized in Ayurveda as a preventative medicine such as enhancing the body's absorption of vitamins & minerals in food because, with proper ability to assimilate nutrients, your body has the ability to heal and correct itself. You do not need to be reliant on any medicine, not even Triphala. Feed the body well, and it will feed you tenfold.


Anytime I eat heavy foods, I always take a dropper-full of this tincture in my hot tea to help my digestion.



My newest formula contains gluten-free certified organic Maui distilled sugarcane vodka + clear quartz charged purified water. Thank you all for your patience for this dearly beloved tincture.

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