SUN CRÉME - Reef Safe UV Sunblock Lotion Balm


Ideal For Sensitive & Blemish Prone Skin
— 100% Plant Based
— 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

— Non-Comedogenic
— Paraben Free
— Sulfate Free
— Chemical Preservative Free
— Coconut Oil Free
— Artificial Fragrance Free
— Expires in 8 months
Poured, labeled & shrink-wrapped by hand

Sunscreens are a must! No matter what time of the season it happens to be, your skin MUST be taken care of. If you want to take care of your skin in the long run, we always suggest finding products with natural "SPF"! We all know about EMF’s but do we normally use healthy sunscreens on our young loved ones & our bodies? Perhaps, maybe not!

I highly recommend everyone to switch their sun blocks & daily moisturizers to products that are more plant based which include utilizing carrot seed essential oil & non-nano, un-coated zinc oxide! These two ingredients are what protects us from Father Sun and the elements with it’s UVA & UVB protective & antioxidant, antiinflammatory properties. I love the fact that in my newest batch, I have added circulatory, detoxifying & clarifying earth clays such as white kaolin & rose pink clay and the lovely addition of certified organic healing, antimicrobial neem leaf and remineralizing sea kelp!

Did I mention you should switch your sunscreen due to the harm you commit not only to your skin long term, but to the ocean's reef! Our un-coated, non-nano zinc oxide (what we use!) has been scientifically evaluated to not harm our oceanic reefs + critter friends! Please take this into deep consideration when purchasing & using body care products, this is another huge reason why we do what we do here!

T H E    S C E N T S
Atlas Cedarwood + Australian Sandalwood (Unisex)
French Lavender + Ylang Ylang (Feminine)

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