PRIMER BALM - Moisturizing Plant Makeup Primer Balm


Handmade Specifically for Sensitive Skin
— Benefits Dry/Combo Skin Types
— 100% Plant Based
— 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
— Paraben Free
— Sulfate Free
— Coconut Oil Free
— SLS Free
— Polyethylene Free
— Iron Oxide Free
— Mica Free
— Retinol Free
— Petrolium Free
— Talc Free
— Fragrance Free
— Essential Oil Free
Poured, Blended & Labeled by Hand with Love

The Botanical [ PRIMER BALM ] is a gently, clear, subtly tinted silky smooth base with a unique creamy balm consistency; a much healthier alternative to your makeup & facial care routine. Contains NO essential oils! This little handmade beauty balm contains gentle nourishing plant-based anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory certified organic plant-based oils of sunflower & hazelnut blended with detoxifying blemish fighting white kaolin clay & turmeric root; creating a truly nourishing beauty balm!

Designed to help heal breakouts, shrink wrinkles over time, hydrate dry areas, smooth out fine lines & supply a beautiful moisturized canvas to the face! Works wonderfully prior to using any of our hand-sifted plant-based blushes or eye shadows!  Our plant-based, 100% natural makeup is designed to allow the skin to breathe & will not clog your pores, but will in fact heal & bring a glow to the skin!


Intended for the open minded & folks looking for a healthier-based makeup addition or substitute without any chemical additives or harsh preservatives. Hand sifted, warmed, blended & hand poured with good vibes!  Let our gentle, subtle cosmetics revolutionize your beliefs about makeup & allow it be a part of your skincare instead of your reason for it!



Expires in 10+ months!

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