NOIR MOON GEL - Herbal Mascara & Eyeliner Duo

100% Plant Based ♡ Vegan ♡ Healing ♡ Raw ♡ Certified Organic
H a n d m a d e W i t h L o t s O f P a s s i o n & M a g i c k

♡ For All Skin Types
♡ Artificial Chemical Free
♡ Artificial Preservative Free
♡ Paraben & Sulfate Free
♡ Oxide Free & Mica Free
♡ Talc Free
♡ Fragrance & Essential Oil Free
♡ 100% Plant Based
♡ 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
♡ 100% Natural

This chemical-free, totally plant-based grey/black eyeliner balm, brow darkener & eye shadow primer balm is excellent for folks with sensitive skin looking for a natural eyeliner & eyeshadow set! This unique listing includes a cute little combo set of our Noir Moon Gel & our Moon Shadow Powder! The color is of a smoky grey to black depending on blending & coverage utilizing the additional Moon Shadow Dust. Note: This is a plant-based product, there are some little specks of black plant magick from the non-GMO activated coconut charcoal. This also does not go on black by itself! These grains from plants & the earth can easily be blended in or swiped off! I do my best to create some of the most unique concoctions to meet the needs of those who want paint plants on their faces, believe me; it's absolutely wonderful.

The coconut activated charcoal will also help rid impurities in and around the eyes such as pink eye, sties & even on our skin such as warts, foreign objects lodged into the skin, insect bites & stings as well as reducing inflammation due to the activated charcoal's beautifying, detoxifying & drawing-out properties. I found this out when I first started using this Eyeliner/mascara/shadow, and within a week, the little stye on the corner of my left eye decided to draw out & literally pop off! Very effective!

♡ For All Skin Types & Skin Tones
♡ Chemical Preservative Free
♡ Sulfate & Paraben Free
♡ Iron Oxide Free
♡ Titanium Dioxide Free
♡ Mica Free
♡ Fragrance & Essential Oil Free
♡ 100% Plant Based
♡ 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
♡ 100% Natural

🌸 Expires in 1 solar year!


Our Mission is to supply 100% earth-based, botanical healing makeup; used to supplement your skin's inner & outer beauty! Our botanical makeup family consists of clay, root & plant powders, eye shadows, balms & blushes all blended, sifted, poured & labeled by hand with a heaping amount of love! Our handmade cosmetics & makeup are made fresh & are designed to allow the skin to breathe, and will not clog your pores unlike the usual generic, conventional makeup. Handcrafted for all skin types & all complexions. As always, a patch test is necessary for folks with sensitive skin! Each of our cosmetics are always subtle, gentle, translucent, healing, sheer, calming, nutritive & completely plant-based! ♡

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