MANA ALGAE GREENS Tincture - Spirulina, Sea Kelp + Chlorella


Raw Potent (yet Gentle) Edible Herbal Medicine 

— Vegan & Cruelty-Free

— Certified Organic Sugarcane Vodka

— Artificial Preservative Free

— Gluten Free | Grain Free

— Sweetener Free

— Traditional Whole Plant Tincture Formula

— Slow infusion

— Intentionally Made One at a Time

"Mana" is an ancient Hawaiian term meaning the supernatural, inner power and empowered magick within the living and breathing.


The Mana Algae Greens Tincture (now gluten-free!) is specifically handcrafted for those who cannot ingest chlorella, sea kelp and spirulina due to the taste as one supplies their tissues with phytonutrient dense vitamins and minerals.


This is easy to ingest and digest - where ever you go!



Traditional Method | Potent + Gentle | With Dried Plants | Glycerin-free | Gluten-free



Chlorella is the world's highest known source of chlorophyll- one most nutritious substances on Earth.


Sea Kelp from Ireland contains adequate levels of iodine; a  nonmetallic chemical element needed for human survival.


Spirulina is wonderful as a pre- & post-exercise protein supplement, amino acids & a complete superfood! 



My newest formula contains gluten-free certified organic Maui distilled sugarcane alcohol + clear quartz charged purified water. 

Thank you all for your patience for this dearly beloved tincture. 

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