KAPHA FACIAL SERUM - For Congested, Dull + Acne-Prone Skin


Conditions: oily, acne-prone, dull, cold + congested

— for most skin types (esp. sensitive skin!)

— plant-based & made of botanical-infused oils

— vegan | cruelty-free

— glycerin-free | paraben-free

— coconut oil-free

— essential oil-free version available

❖ All glass items are recyclable/reusable

❖ Sample/trial sizes available

❖ Shipped with eco-friendly, reusable packaging

❖ Handcrafted one at a time in Hawai'i

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The Kapha dosha is primarily composed of the elements water + earth.


The Kapha Facial + Body Serum is a totally unique, 100% natural, ethically wild-crafted/homegrown and organically sourced, coconut oil-free serum designed to bring antioxidant-rich, nutritive cellular restoration. The Kapha Facial + Body Serum is a plant-based brightening, ultra-nourishing, glow-promoting, regenerative serum.



The Ayurvedic Kapha dosha type encompasses slow, smooth, heavy, soft, oily, dense, cloudy, cool & stable like qualities. Like fighting fire with fire, oils cut oils, even for folks with oily skin.


Best used as a balancer for sensitive/oily skin as a healing facial moisturizer, oil cleanser, cuticle oil, makeup remover and as a body oil for your Ayurvedic abhyanga massage session for your clients or a loved one.


Add Essential Oils Option: Choose a formula with or without our proprietary blend of procured essential oils. For folks with sensitive skin, we highly suggest using whole herb infused oils instead of the plants' etheric counterpart- essential oils.


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Best Used For — Congested, excessively oily, blemished, dull, sensitive skin.
Serum Qualities — Regenerative, warming, cleansing, vitalizing, penetrative.
Balanced Kapha — Even-tempered, nurturing, sweet, calm, grounded, loving. 
Imbalanced Kapha — Excess accumulation, stagnant, hoarding tendencies.
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  • Personal Favorites: Though my Ayurvedic Dosha constitution is primarily a Vata dominant & Pitta subdominant one; At this time, I currently have sensitive, dry but blemish-prone skin, and my absolute favorite way to use my Ayurvedic Dosha Serums is by mixing both the Pitta Serum and the Kapha Serum, unscented or with only 4 drops of my proprietary essential oil blend! Let me know if you would like this personal blend. As always, be sure to eat plenty of homegrown/organic/locally sourced fruits, fungi, vegetables and well identified, edible wild plants to aid in the healing process. 



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