FUNGUS AMUNGUS Tincture - 14 Adaptogenic Mushroom Tincture


Raw Potent (yet Gentle) Edible Herbal Medicine 

— Vegan & Cruelty-Free

— Certified Organic Sugarcane Vodka

— Artificial Preservative Free

— Gluten Free | Grain Free

— Sweetener Free

— Traditional Whole Plant Tincture Formula

— Slow infusion

— Intentionally Made One at a Time

Available Sizes

A Fungus is truly Amongus with this extraordinary blend of certified organic medicinal mushrooms ~ A personal favorite.


Mushrooms have been used medicinally and ceremonially since the beginning of folk medicine (or perhaps long before). Medicinal mushrooms are no joke. They are packed full of precious antioxidants & repairing adaptogenic qualities which help the body cope and adapt to daily stresses, building us up as time goes on.


I have a strong feeling you will share the same delight as I have with this easy-to-take liquid adaptogen. 



This (now) gluten-free tincture is 100% handcrafted from a blend of certified organic & some personally wild-harvested medicinal mushrooms. The certified organic mushrooms are grown on a small farm where our suppliers grow their own mushrooms in a sterile environment on organic brown rice mycelium patties


My newest formula contains gluten-free certified organic Maui distilled sugarcane alcohol + clear quartz charged purified water. 



Traditional Method | Potent + Gentle | With Dried Plants | Glycerin-free | Gluten-free



I will admit, this is one of my most preciously potent edible elixirs to date. I always have one on me just in case. This herbal tincture is infused for over 4 months to over a year. Thank you all for your patience for this dearly beloved tincture.



Important Health Note: I've learned from my la'au lapa'au kahuna to not ingest adaptogens during (or the onset of) a cold/flu = ingest adaptogens before/after! This is possibly due to the medicinal properties "locking the burglar (pathogens) in the house (our body)" It is best to ingest adaptogens or THIS tincture before and after the onset of a cold or flu to PREVENT future colds and flu. Contact me here if you need any clarification on this subject. 

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