DEODORANT CRÈME - Lymphatic Detox Deodorant


— Best for Sensitive Skin Types

— For Most Skin Types

— Essential Oil Free (Optional)
— Artificial Preservative Free
— Sulfate & Paraben Free
— Coconut Oil Free
— Aluminum Free & Talc Free
— Fragrance Free
— 100% Plant Based
— 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
— 100% Natural
— Expires in 8 months

—Blended, Poured & Labeled by Hand

A truly nourishing, decadent & repairing butter blend for our toxin-prone underarms. You will most certainly adore this handmade, nourishing, vegan Deodorant Crème, as our family & friends can't get enough of this stuff!


Featuring an aluminum-FREE quick & easy golden yellow colored smearable deodorant without the unnecessary chemical additives. Our certified organic oils such as pumpkin seed, sea buckthorn & rosehip seed are infused under the Moon with locally harvested nourishing rose petals, gentle earth clays to help detoxify & cleanse the lymphatic system.



Personally, this is my preferred way of using deodorant. Whether you're gardening out in the solar rays or swimming in your local lake; the scent lasts for up to 2-5+ hours!


Intended for the sensitive ones & those looking to detoxify their lymph nodes from the outside in. For those who are extremely sensitive, we highly encourage choosing the "unscented" version of this creme! Still works like a charm!


NOTE | Photos have not been taken yet, the closest look to these NEW balms will be a golden yellow! So gorgeous!


An Essential Oil Blend of:
▻ Bulgarian Lavender
▻ Dark Aged Patchouli
▻ Atlas Cedar Wood
[ or ]
▻ Unscented & Pure



NOTE | Aluminum, parabens & antiperspirant commercial deodorants have been speculated to increase your chances of disrupting your endocrine system & promote the growth of breast cancer. Our Deodorant Crème is our secret weapon.

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