COVERAGE SET - Herbal Foundation Powder & Coverage Crème Makeup Set


Best for sensitive/combo/dry & inflamed skin

— made of pure plant-based oils & powders

— vegan | cruelty-free

— mica-free

— titanium dioxide-free

— SLS-free | pthalatefree

— glycerin-free | paraben-free | sulfate-free

— coconut oil-free

— fragrance-free | essential oil-free 

❖ All glass items are recyclable/reusable

❖ Sample/trial sizes available (message me!)

❖ Shipped with eco-friendly, reusable packaging

❖ Handcrafted one at a time in Hawai'i

The Coverage Crème & Foundation Powder are both lightweight and full of high-quality anti-aging ingredients bringing you a totally natural sheer coverage when you need it most.


Formulated with 100% natural "SPF" such as un-coated, non-nano zinc oxide (reef, earth & skin safe!) & certified organic carrot seed essential oil. These two solar protective heroes are anti-aging for the skin & provide protection from the UVA & UVB rays of father Sun.



The Uniqueness of our Plant-Based Herbal Makeup:

Our brand of makeup is unique, and certainly not for everyone. My craft is specifically designed & works best with those who have been on this journey of healing themselves naturally, but who want to go a little further into their self-care (and natural makeup) routines with an emphasis on nourishing their earth body. 


The Coverage Crème & The Foundation Powder allow the skin to breathe & will not clog your pores, but will in fact heal & bring a glow to the skin!


Personally, I prefer cosmetics that naturally bring out your beauty, instead of completely hiding our 'imperfections', caking on artificial chemicals over time. Don't get me wrong, covering up is perfectly fine if it makes you feel and live your best!

Though many of us can agree, the closer to nature the product resembles, the better the cellular synergy could potentially take place within us and that very item.

I created Prana Potion's line of radical cosmetics to aid in this revolutionary process of changing the way we create, use and wear makeup- inspired by the natural world. 

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