BRIGHT EYES SERUM - Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Under-Eye Roll-On Oil


Handcrafted Best for Mature + Dry + Sensitive Skin


[ Carrot Seed | Eyebright | Hemp Sea Buckthorn


— plant-based & made of botanical-infused oils

— vegan | cruelty-free

— coconut oil-free

— alcohol-free | mineral oil-free

— artificial ingredient-free

— retinol-free | paraben-free

— artificial fragrance-free

— petroleum-free | chemical preservative-free

❖ All glass items are recyclable/reusable

❖ Sample/trial sizes available

❖ Shipped with eco-friendly, reusable packaging

❖ Handcrafted one at a time in Hawai'i

Available Sizes

The Bright Eyes Serum is a versatile, nutritious, wildcrafted and organically sourced herbal eye treatment serum designed to help brighten the under eye area over time.



A little goes a looooong way with this one, folks. I suggest just one drop for both eyes! Your sample size will last quite some time. (:


The herbs infused in the cold-pressed organic oils contain constituents which naturally help reduce eye wrinkles, fine lines, and promotes cellular hydration with antioxidant-rich, anti-aging, moisture-plumping properties. 



Herb Infused | Non-Toxic | Fragrance-free | Retinol-free | Coconut oil-free



The scent of this serum is quite floral with citrus notes & earthy tones. I give a big hand to the nourishing botanicals and oils which create this remedial, eye protective serum. I've received testimonials of the Bright Eyes Serum helping to minimize the appearance of under-eye circles in as little as 6 days to 2 weeks with consistent use!


The Bright Eyes Serum is handcrafted specifically for those searching for an eye-sensitive, plant-based, antioxidant-rich herbal supplement to their eye care routine.



NOTE, as with all/most ailments, I promote and highly suggest a holistic approach which involves valuing healthy eating habits (nevermind "diets"), proper hydration, a clear uncomplicated mind/emotional body, sufficient sunlight, rest and balanced sleep patterns for the body, mind, and Spirit (which play a huge role in creating or eliminating under eye bags in the first place) 

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