BEET & HIBISCUS BLUSH - Root n' Flower Blush & Eye Shadow Duo


Works wonderfully for sensitive skin types

— made of pure plant-based oils & powders

— vegan | cruelty-free

— mica-free

— titanium dioxide-free

— iron oxide-free

— unscented: fragrance-free | Essential oil-free

— SLS-free | phthalate free

— paraben-free | sulfate-free

— coconut oil-free

❖ All sifter jars = reusable (discounted refills avail.)

❖ Sample/trial sizes available (message me!)

❖ Shipped with eco-friendly, reusable packaging

❖ Handcrafted one at a time in Hawai'i

Available Sizes

The Beet + Hibiscus Blush & Eye Shadow Duo is a light-weight, antioxidant-rich, non-comedogenic plant makeup blush for the cheeks and eyelids. The Beet + Hibiscus Blush is a vitamin C rich, antibacterial, skin healing powdered blush and little goes a long way! 


100% Herbal | Vegan | Non-Toxic | Acne-Safe | EO-free | Iron oxide-free | Mica-free


The natural deep magenta tinted hue is derived from organically sourced powdered beetroot and red hibiscus flowers, mattifying arrowroot, nutritive French red and rose pink clay blended with vitamin-rich sea buckthorn oil.


Goes on subtly like a natural purple/pink tint, and is an unscented blend, perfect for sensitive skin!



About Our 100% Herbal Makeup:
Prana Potions botanical makeup just isn't like your usual, conventional makeup. I use ingredients literally grown from the earth, powdered and formulated into fresh, living botanical makeup products. Makeup from soil to skin!

My plant makeup is subtle, yet penetrative. Soft and nutritious. Transparent, yet noticeable to the cells. Natural and captivating. It is pure, handmade with whole plant matter, crafted in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, retain it's unique color tints and of course, out of respect for Mother Earth and her delicate cycles.

Prana Potions plant-based makeup can help give our faces a break from chemically derived, comedogenic (pore-clogging) conventional makeup by making the switch to handmade earth healing cosmetics. This herbal makeup blend is completely free of artificial ingredients, mica, titanium dioxide, phthalates, any emulsifiers, iron oxides, parabens, fragrances and essential oils. 


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