BEARD GROWTH OIL - Ayurvedic Face & Beard Growth Serum


Best for sensitive skin, hair/scalp types 

— plant-based & made of botanical-infused oils

— vegan | cruelty-free

— glycerin-free | paraben-free

— coconut oil-free

— essential oil-free version available

❖ All glass items are recyclable/reusable

❖ Sample/trial sizes available

❖ Shipped with eco-friendly, reusable packaging

❖ Handcrafted one at a time in Hawai'i

Available Sizes
Hair Treatment Type

This Beard Growth Oil is versatile, multipurpose, completely natural, wildcrafted & organically sourced beard & facial serum designed to condition, cleanse and stimulate facial hair growth inspired by Ayurvedic, La'au, and Western Herbal traditions.


I have carefully crafted this botanical-infused oil to suit just about all skin types and hair types, including those with sensitive skin. It's a real treat, and I know you'll find much-needed relief and enhancement with this topical serum.



The Blends: (choose one of the 8 available)

— Pure & Unscented
— Vanilla Extract* + Dark Aged Patchouli
— Black pepper + Cardamom
— Dark aged Patchouli + Clove Bud
— Clary sage + Rosemary
— Black Spruce + Atlas Cedarwood
— Ylang Ylang + Frankincense Tears
— Peru balsam + Dark aged patchouli
— Custom (1-2 EO's of your choice)



I personally LOVE smelling these botanical scents on my man as an enticing cologne' without all the unnecessary neurotoxins & hormone disruptive compounds found in perfume fragrances & cologne.


Now he knows what he applies to his skin isn't causing harm topically thus not inflaming him cells internally. Whether we like this fact or not, everything we put ON our skin interacts with every cell of our physical makeup, and we cannot help but be influenced for better or for worse.


Knowing this, I made this silky, nourishing topical oil crafted for stimulating hair growth, conditioning the follicles, increasing shine, vitamins & important minerals while nourishing the skin beneath. Works wonders as an aftershave serum!



MORE ON OUR ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: This serum is most definitely a treat, where you also have the option to choose a preferred essential oil blend for the therapeutic qualities & scent. My personal favorite scent combination for the Beard Growth Oil is the Peru balsam + dark aged patchouli blend, or really anything with patchouli. If you desire, please message me for a custom blend and we can work an alluring combination of essential oils for your beard oil. Sample versions available if you are unsure which blend to choose first!



NOTE: A little goes quite a long way with this herbal concentrated blend. Optional: If you would like to dilute the blend with your favorite carrier oil at home, feel free to add a little at a time to the oil. For folks with extremely sensitive skin, I highly suggest our purely unscented, essential oil free blend.

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