About  me

I could write up a fancy story to captivate you, but our lives can't possibly be summed up into fragmented words: We are in constant evolution, motion, flux, walking contradictions & inconsistencies- we can't possibly be fully defined.
Here I'll share a 
reflection of my ever-evolving personality.

I get intimate, but you've been warned. ♡ 


My name's Maile, pronounced "My-Lee." ~ a practicing herbalist with a huge love affair for intellectual conversation. I'm twenty-three years old, blessed to be born and raised in Hawai'i.


Here are a few traits I've gathered, which I find distinguishes a glimpse of my overall essence:

⊳ I find beauty, sensuality & magnetism for life in its unusual aspects. 

⊳ I'm a plant medicine maker, intuitive artist, visceral psyche analyst & self-growth enthusiast.

⊳ I am an HSP who works with & continuously learns from our ESP. 

⊳ I have a soft spot for the neglected, the strange, the underdog, the off-putting & the taboo.



When it came to finding out how profoundly magical, vulnerable yet fierce & healing the earth kingdom truly is, the connection was immediate. We literally are extensions of the Earth. A tenacious magnetism pulled me with the strongest, most passionate desire: to help others recognize our Earth as the true Healer & seeing ourselves as the tool which can either be in a state of allowing or resistance to her healing capabilities. 

To allow our body to heal is our natural birth-right, no matter what anyone has told you. You can heal yourself. We can be independent of those who simply want to fulfill their bottom line.  Sometimes a little help is necessary along the way to this realization & fully taking responsibility. Hence why many of us are here for assistance. If I may be of help, I will lovingly lend an open hand of my own offerings if one needs my service.


My craft is not for everybody. It's specifically designed & formulated for those who have been on this journey of healing themselves naturally, but who want to go a little further into their self-care routines with an emphasis on nourishing their subtle body & earth body.

I want to be clear that this kind of subtle energy work can be tapped into & practiced by anyone.

But we need to be clean, energetically, emotionally, mentally, & physically.

In May of 2011, my HS classmates & I traveled to the secluded neighboring island of Moloka'i, Hawai'i). We gathered around this sacred kukui nut grove and transplanted keiki into intuitively chosen areas. This stunning Hawaiian man, a local la'au lapa'au kahua (Hawaiian herbalist/healer/shaman) shared a glimpse of a healing modality I was unaware of. He shared how the sap from the fresh kukui nuts of the kukui nut tree (Aleurites moluccana)  contain naturally occurring astringent, and anti-fungal medicinal properties. I was captivated, intrigued, entranced and felt a rebirth in what was a true calling for me, I found herbalism, I found medicine birthed from Source itself, and I found it for the sake of sharing it with you. I have yet to create a concoction with the use of the kukui nut sap in honor of the experience; however, the future awaits abundant promises for what is to come.


This experience at the Waldorf High School allowed me to do a capstone project on herbal medicine, which branched to where I am now. I have taken local courses on Ethnobotany, Hawaiian plant medicine, am a certified wildcrafter, I am an avid reader and a consistent researcher for information, and my personal approach to herbalism are mainly those of Herbal Energetics, La'au Lapa'au, Ayurveda, Subtle Energy Work & my first love, simple Traditional Herbal Medicine.



I am honored to help in the restoration process of what our ancestors have persisted and taught us in order for us to breathe in these precious (and terrifying) waking moments today.

Take a deep breath now to honor the fact that you've gone through it all, and you are still here today.


My procedures are gentle, eco-conscious & accommodating to what is best for the land & your earth body.

In March of 2015, I decided to launch Prana Potions to the world,

My highest hope is to inspire you with Mother Earth's abundance. To remind you that you too, can do what I do in your own way, for you, by you.

Everything in my shop, Prana Potions, LLC is 100% handcrafted by me, created fresh in small, limited edition batches. 

I only ship using recycled, eco-friendly packaging materials

sourced from friends/family or Eco Enclose.

My hope is to rebirth ones conceptions of personal care

to a heart-centered, ritualistic experience. 


Through my work, I hope to inspire these feelings within one's self. If I am able to ignite magick in one heart, my mission here is accomplished

It is a privilege to be of service to my local and global community.


- Maile  Melcher


From a curious heartbirths a decadent creative force, sprung from innate intuition, visceral resonance & inner-outer awareness.

Prana Potions is our intuitive

collaboration between the

plant world, Spirit & alchemy.

Here in our Apothecary,

we carry collections for those who are looking for subtle, plant-based, sensitive approaches to their self-care rituals

Prana Potions, LLC is a unique space, where we utilize a mix of subtle-work tools such As:


Ocean cleansed  &  Solar charged crystals

Prayer & Intentionality

528 Hz & 432 Hz frequencies​


The subtle, energetic & subconscious realm births the physical, tangible, conscious world. 

We hold space to charge up the energetic vibratory resonance associated with each concoction amplifying each formula at the subatomic/cellular level.


A difference seems to be felt the more sensitive & in tune we are to our environment.  A sense of surrender to the permeating fluctuations of energy/frequency/vibration, where one either resonates with these concepts or not. 

Each concoction is handcrafted with my Soul tribe in mind.  


plants are nature's born healers. For me, plant medicine, mushroom wisdom &

the elemental bodies have influenced an enormous part of my life;

where each day, alongside my brothers & sisters,

we are apprentices of the Earth.



The word "Prana" is Sanskrit for 'the intuitive guiding life-force, Qi & energy of the Universe.'


Our work is handmade in small batches,

with two loving hands,

one big heart,

bundled up

sealed with good intentions

sent from my home to yours!

~ Mahalo for supporting small artisanal businesses ~